College of Teaching – Seriously! #claimyourcollege

In an unprecedented departure from the Naked Education series, I have something serious to say:

The College of Teaching represents probably the last chance that the Education Sector has to substantiate its claim to be a profession.

Definitions & Hopes:

1) Teachers are people who get other people to learn stuff.  

**Please make it a broad church, enabling all of those in and around the sector to demonstrate the gold standard.**

2) Define the Gold standard,

**it should be a challenge to rise through the ranks from member to fellow etc. That means some people won’t be good enough**

4) Make the Gold Standard (Fellowship) require full focus for a year to achieve.

**Elite and exclusive is good, being a fellow should carry a premium of effort and skill””

5) Organisations like the College of Teaching need to be sustainable in an of themselves.

**get your business model right**

**dont get your begging bowl out**

6) Teachers are used to spending around £15 a month to be a member of a union they rarely support.

**exploit that, offer legal cover as part of membership””

“”price yourselves beneath he monthly union figure and people will fight to join.**

7) Be the investors in research that shows what works

**Plan to be the research informed voice for an emergent profession.**

8) Get your PR right.

“”Seek opportunities on a daily basis to be the reasoned, objective voice in the media, of an inclusive profession, encompassing both liberal and conservative ideologies**

Please don’t screw this up people.

You torpedoed the GTC with politics, apathy and contempt, don’t do it again!


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